About us

Our Vision – The world’s leading CO2 storage technology centre, globally recognised for innovative carbon capture and utilisation solutions
Our Mission – Add value to customers by testing, developing and demonstrating CCUS research, products and services as viable options for a lower emissions future
CO2CRC is Australia's leading carbon capture and storage (CCS) research organisation

Our work focuses on reducing emissions from high energy intensity industries, such as steel and cement manufacturing, gas processing and electricity generation.

We have invested more than $100 million to lead Australia’s effort to introduce CCS  to meet the demands of a global industrial market.

With a global commitment to make deep cuts in emissions, the International Energy Agency has stated that meeting mandated 2 degree commitments will not be possible without CCS.

By injecting, storing and monitoring more than 80,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide 1,600m below ground we have demonstrated that CCS is safe over the long-term. Our current aim is to reduce the cost of CCS to support the international demand for the technology, with a focus towards carbon utilisation.

Our scientists are collaborating to ensure our industrial and institutional members are sufficiently prepared with technology and knowledge for their capture and storage projects around the world.

Our capacity to collaborate with local and international scientific and project-management talent ensures we are nimble and outcome driven, operating with low fixed costs. We utilise our internal skill sets and tap into Australian and global industry leaders, universities, and government agencies to provide industry relevant results for our members.

  • Has 100 researchers that undertake projects that filter from one sector to another. For example, we investigate new capture technologies for on and off-shore gas extraction which can also serve electricity production industries.
  • Demonstrates carbon capture and storage in-field at its $100m Otway Research Facility. The facility is one of the best geologically characterised CCS sites in the world, and so attracts scientists and industry from all around the globe.
  • Is an active participant and leader of capture and storage projects globally and provides expert advice to emerging and existing CCS projects.
  • Is dedicated to bringing down the cost of CCS through industry relevant applied research.
  • Is nimble to member needs by undertaking research specific, not only to our strategic direction, but also for individual members.
  • Has more than a decade of experience in operating a research site that has gained and maintains strong community and regulatory support. Our strong relationships are a showcase to others in the CCS sector.
  • Is a leader in the development of economic studies showing the cost-effective applicability of CCS to a range of industries.
  • Is Australia’s most experienced facilitator of collaborative carbon capture and storage research. Our partners include many of the world’s leading CCS research teams.
  • Is examining further opportunities beyond carbon capture and storage including a deep earth research facility.

We support industry to reduce greenhouse gas emissions through CCS research

CO2CRC Otway storage projects
  • Stage 1: 2004 – 2009 (concept)
    Demonstrated safe transport, injection and storage of CO2 into a depleted gas reservoir
  • Stage 2: 2009 – 2019 (risk reduction)
    Demonstrate safe injection and monitoring into a saline formation
  • Stage 3: 2016 – 2028 (cost reduction)
    Demonstrate safe, reliable and cost-effective subsurface monitoring of CO2


CO2CRC strategic direction

By 2020 CO2CRC is targeted to deliver the following strategic outcomes. To be: 

  • A trusted independent technical advisor
  • Engaged in key international CCS projects
  • Delivering a portfolio of investable projects
  • Market driven with technology neutral investment
  • Securely funded
CO2CRC capture projects

CO2CRC works to reduce the cost in carbon capture by focusing research on the power penalty of operating the capture plant, the capital investment in the equipment, and various capture technologies. CO2CRC undertakes research into capture technologies from bench scale, with our world class university partners, through to pilot scale in the field, at participating power stations and our Otway Research Facility.