About Us

Our Mission – Develop carbon capture utilisation and storage as a socially, technically and commercially viable option for net zero emissions.

Our Vision – To be the safest and most innovative carbon capture utilisation and storage company in the world.

CO2CRC is the only company in Australia to have undertaken carbon capture and storage as an emissions reduction technology from end to end.

For more than a decade we have led the Australian effort to introduce carbon capture and storage technology to meet the demands of a global industrial market. We have demonstrated deep geological storage of carbon dioxide, the most common manmade greenhouse gas. We continue to undertake industry relevant research to support the international demand for carbon capture, and storage technology, with a focus towards carbon utilisation.

Our leading Australian and international scientists are collaborating to ensure our members are sufficiently prepared with technology and knowledge for their capture and storage projects around the world.

Capture Research - Making CCS Cost Effective

Our capacity to collaborate with local and international scientific and project-management talent ensures we are nimble and outcome driven, operating with low fixed costs. We utilise our internal skill sets and tap into Australian and global industry leaders, universities, and government agencies to provide industry relevant results for our members.


  • has 150 researchers that undertake projects that filters from one sector to another. For example, we investigate new capture technologies for on and off-shore gas extraction which can also serve the coal and electricity production industries.
  • demonstrates carbon capture and storage in-field to scientists and industry from around the globe.
  • connects with upcoming capture and storage projects globally and provides expert advice.
  • is nimble to member needs by undertaking research specific, not only to our strategic direction, but also for individual members.
  • has more than a decade of experience in operating a research site that has gained and maintains strong community and regulatory support.
  • is examining further opportunities beyond carbon capture and storage including a deep earth research facility.