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About CO2CRC

CO2CRC Limited is one of the world's leading collaborative research organisations focused on carbon dioxide capture and geological sequestration (geosequestration, carbon dioxide capture and storage, carbon capture and storage, or CCS).

CO2CRC is a joint venture comprising participants from Australian and global industry, universities and other research bodies from Australia and New Zealand, and Australian Commonwealth, State and international government agencies. Its resources come from the Federal Government Cooperative Research Centres Program, other Federal and State Government programs, CO2CRC participants, and wider industry.

CO2CRC activities include:

  • undertaking leading research into and development of technologies for carbon dioxide capture and geological storage;
  • decreasing commercial risks by demonstrating the practical application of carbon dioxide capture and storage technologies to reduce carbon dioxide emissions;
  • developing new economically and environmentally sustainable opportunities for decreasing carbon dioxide emissions by assessing the scope for the application carbon dioxide capture and storage in a range of different geographical, technical, and commercial settings in Australia, New Zealand, and elsewhere in the Asia-Pacific region;
  • contributing to the development and global uptake of carbon dioxide capture and storage technologies by participating in international programs and collaborating with leading researchers and research groups globally;
  • strengthening the uptake of carbon dioxide capture and storage through technology transfer and developing new commercial opportunities based on CO2CRC intellectual property; and meeting the needs of industry and government for quality graduates and well-trained staff by providing excellent education and training in greenhouse gas technologies.


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