Advanced carbon capture technology

CO2CRC works to reduce the cost in carbon capture by focusing research on the power penalty of operating the capture plant, the capital investment in the equipment, and various capture technologies.
CO2CRC's capture skid at the Otway Research Facility

CO2CRC undertakes research into capture technologies from bench scale, with our world class university partners, through to pilot scale in the field, at participating power stations and our Otway Research Facility.

Objective: To facilitate field testing and evaluation of the state-of-the-art CO2CRC membrane and adsorption technologies for separation of CO2 during real natural gas processing.


Installation of the capture skid at the Otway Research Facility

In late 2016 CO2CRC’s experimental capture platform was delivered. The $1M piece of equipment, which is designed to test a number of capture technologies simultaneously, captures CO2 from a natural gas well using novel membrane and adsorbent materials, testing them for efficiency and cost effectiveness.

The platform has been designed to be compact, energy efficient and robust, making it attractive to industry.  The intention is to use it initially in off-shore environments, with on-shore applications also possible.

Timelapse of CO2CRC capture skid delivery

CO2CRC’s Otway Research Facility is an ideal location to locate and test the equipment as it has a high CO2 concentration natural gas field and the coastal environment is tough.

From lab to pilot scale

Membrane systems
  • studying the effects of impurities and plasticization in membrane processes.
  • fabricating and testing hollow fibre membranes from novel polymers.
  • investigating the potential of new materials in gas systems and developing new membrane materials to drive down costs and improve performance.
Adsorbent systems
  • successfully demonstrate the use of new materials and adsorbent processes to capture CO2 from post-combustion and pre-combustion gas streams at our custom capture facilities.
  • Investigate using improved zeolitic adsorbents, next generation adsorbents, adsorbents optimised for vacuum swing adsorption process, and the capture of CO2 from natural gas.
Membrane contactor
  • hybrid technology of both membrane and solvent
  • smaller footprint than solvent at plant
  • cheaper than using just one technology
  • more efficient than just using membranes
  • can handle a higher flow rate than just membranes alone
  • using technologies already commercially available