Capture Analytic Equipment and Laboratory

The Capture Analytic Equipment and Laboratory at the University of Melbourne is now capable of handling the corrosive solvents and the dangerous gases that are fundamental to safe, best practice carbon capture research. In March 2016 renovations were completed to complement this new infrastructure to create a world-class facility. The renovation will house the CO2CRC solvent capture and membrane technology research groups.

The Capture Analytic Equipment and Laboratory is responsible for six specific research projects with clear objectives around cost reduction, technical optimisation and scale-up.



feduni-c02lab_low-res_95The Capture Analytic Equipment and Laboratory at Federation University will focus on reducing capture system degradation and plant corrosion by examining samples of chemicals built up in an experimental capture plant attached to an electricity power plant in the Latrobe Valley.  The laboratory is uniquely positioned given its location only a few kilometers from the capture site.


This in-field research provides a unique opportunity to recommend how different materials may be used to reduce or halt corrosion of capture plant components.