Otway Subsurface Laboratory

CO2CRC will install the key Otway Subsurface Laboratory facilities and utilise these along with existing CO2CRC owned facilities at the CO2CRC Otway Project site to undertake the CO2CRC Otway Stage 3 research project.

The primary objectives of Otway Stage 3 are  appraisal, implementation, demonstration and validation of a novel subsurface monitoring of a CO2 storage system and storage operation. This research project will assist CarbonNet and other CCS projects in Australia in the development of subsurface monitoring as fit-for-purpose at a commercial scale.

Successful demonstration of the Stage 3 project can:

  • Substantially reduce the monitoring costs for a commercial scale project.
  • Substantially reduce the surface footprint for monitoring, resulting in significantly less interference with other stakeholders on land and the marine environment.

Both aspects are key challenges to overcome for CCS projects world-wide.