X-ray Micro Computed Tomography Lab

The CTLab, located at ANU, houses state-of-the equipment including an electron microscope capable  of  automatically  imaging  the mineralogy  of  core  materials  or  cuttings  at  a  resolution  of  a  few  microns  up  to  samples  of  several centimetres  in  extent, and will enable scientists to observe carbon dioxide being trapped in aquifer rocks.

It is a centre of excellence in core study with a range of equipment capable of detailed resolution in time and space at a pore level in core samples under reservoir conditions, with flooding of CO2 (whether pure, or more complex mixtures matching commercial injection fluid compositions). The new facilities will enable scientists to build accurate large-scale computer models explaining how complex layers of sedimentary rock influence the effectiveness of carbon dioxide storage.

An integrated high-­resolution 3D scanning capability allows for samples to be moved rapidly and without disturbance between core imaging and special core analysis (SCAL), to allow both types of measurement before and after CO2 floods and other experiments. The core scanning facility represents value to CarbonNet because it measures micro-scale (pore) measurements of geometries and processes to compare to macro­‐scale measurements of bulk petrophysical properties derived from SCAL. This allows for upscaling to be calibrated between pore and sample scale, equivalent in scale as progressing from sample to reservoir flow unit.