Member Benefits

CO2CRC invites organisations interested in developing and benefiting from research and demonstration in carbon capture and storage technologies to become member partners. By becoming a member you’ll receive the following benefits:
Access to top talent

Our members have access to collaborative research teams containing exceptional research talent working both in-house and within leading local and international research organisations. These are located in Australia, USA, Canada, Korea, Japan, UK and Europe. Some of the organisations we are currently working with include CSIRO, Geoscience Australia, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratories, Curtin University, University of Adelaide, University of Western Australia and University of Edinburgh.

Use of Otway Research Facility

Access and use of our Otway Research Facility, located in Victoria.  This is a world-class research site which has been thoroughly characterised and instrumented for collaborative CCS research. Members can use the facility as well as access learnings gained from the more than A$100m of collaborative funding already invested into the facility. (Note, a separate project or service agreement may be needed depending on the scope of work undertaken.)

Access to research outcomes, data, models, publications and more

Access (via our Publication Tracking System) to research outcomes, operational best practices and protocols, datasets, models and more than 2,800 scientific publications, reports, workflows and presentations which are not publicly available. A sample list of datasets is available for your review.

Research tailored to your needs

CO2CRC strives to ensure our research outcomes align with current industry challenges.

As a member you’ll have the opportunity to influence the direction of our research to meet your specific needs.  You will be able to get involved in our current projects, such as Otway Stage 3, with the potential to add on your own.

Members also play a role in guiding CO2CRC’s direction through representation on the Board and in various committees such as the Program Advisory Committee.

Advice on government and community relations

For over a decade now CO2CRC has maintained excellent relationships with key stakeholders at our Otway Research Facility.  This includes local landholders, local government and community groups.

We have also built good relationships with regulators, such as the EPA, developing technologies and practices to assist them to shape policy.  At the same time we have provided operators with methods to reduce the cost of regulatory compliance.

We are happy to provide our members with advice on community relations and regulatory compliance.

Links to the CCS community worldwide

CO2CRC can put members in touch with CCS projects and partner organisations around the globe.

We can also offer access to an increasing and varied cross-section of members from corporations, industry bodies, governments and research organisations.

Access learnings gained from more than $100m of research

And more
  • Members are recognised as CO2CRC partners in all publications, on our web site, at events and more.
  • Access to specialised, multi-disciplined expertise and experience across much of the industry value chain (including capture, injection, storage, operation, regulation and community consultation) to supplement your internal expertise.
    • Annual reports for members outlining where funding has been invested, research achievements and potential of future projects.

Find out more about becoming a CO2CRC member.  For more information please contact Yaso Vesely on 03 8595 9615 or email