New Membership

At CO2CRC we offer members exclusive access to a range of industrial emissions reduction research outcomes that will assist them to make informative decisions on multi-million dollar carbon capture and storage projects. Our research is designed to ensure that carbon capture and storage and its ongoing monitoring is safe and cost effective.

We aim to provide our members with the best possible carbon capture and storage options globally. We work with our members to build a low emissions future.

Why become a member of CO2CRC?

  • We are experts in carbon capture and storage leading research project design, management and delivering outcomes on time and budget through a collaborative approach
  • The Otway Site presents the opportunity to ‘plug and play’ technologies with leading collaborative researchers
  • We are nimble and globally connected into leading carbon capture and storage researchers
  • We offer best practice economic modelling for carbon capture and storage to help reduce cost of implementation
  • We offer the opportunity to enhance or problem solve issues with off-the-shelf carbon capture and storage applications
  • CO2CRC will foster relationships with other low emissions organisations to make carbon capture and storage part of the whole low emissions solution debate
  • CO2CRC will seek the appropriate government and economic environment to make industrial carbon capture and storage a reality in Australia
  • Specific to 2016 – research will begin into capture technologies to separate high concentrations of CO2 from gas projects. The project will look to make capture systems compact and efficient for utilisation in offshore projects
  • Specific to 2016 – 15,000 tonnes of CO2 has been injected into a saline formation at our Otway Research Facility. Novel methods of CO2 monitoring are being utilised to demonstrate their reliability, efficiency and cost effectiveness