Suitable CO2 storage sites close to emissions sources reduces transport and infrastructure costs. We have identified a number of large, high quality storage reservoirs in Australia near major emissions sources, such as power plants in Victoria, Queensland and elsewhere.

Our research aims to further understand and model the sites and how they will contain and trap the injected CO2. We are developing technologies for the monitoring and verification of CO2 to demonstrate its safety. This research will enable government and business to effectively plan and cost emissions mitigation infrastructure and their regulatory regimes.







What’s New

CO2CRC’s Experiment Safely Stores 15,000 tonnes of Greenhouse Gas in South West Victoria
After four years in the planning, a major milestone in an experiment to inject, monitor and verify the movement of carbon dioxide (CO2) 1.5 kilometres below the ground has just been completed.
CO2CRC and its Australian and international research partners have safely injected 15,000 tonnes of CO2 at the Otway Research Facility in Nirranda South West Victoria.
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